Changing the computer type

One of the features of Enteo 6 or DSM 7 is the automatic recognition of the computer type. Once the computer type has been discovered (basic inventory), the computer will change its icon to one of the following symbols :

Server, or
Virtual machine as can be seen in the following figure.

The computer type information gathered by the basic inventory is basically only the chassis type of the motherboard.
If the information is wrong (quite a few motherboards report the wrong chassis) or you wish to manually change the computer type, this can be easily done.

1) Click on the appropriate computer object in the EMMC/DSM console (View : Manage computers & Users)
2) click on the filter (turn it off) –

3) Click on the option “Computer Type” and use the combo box to change the type.

Thats it!

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Calum Field works in the Education department @ Frontrange Solutions and offers trainings and workshops in the usage of (enteo, DSM), HEAT Client Management & HEAT Mobile Device Management.