Frontrange DSM 7.1 released

Frontrange has released Desktop & Server Management version 7.1 (Build 1694). The new version fixes several bugs, and brings in a new load of features which this post will highlight.

New Features in DSM 7.1 :

Compliance Enforcement
Uptil now the compliance was only shown for the status of an installation. After the installation if a program was removed the compliance was not updated to show this. It is not possible to enable checks and after a program has been manually removed, the program can be shown with a red compliance or even installed again.

New Script Editor
A new script editor has been included to enable faster packaging of programs. With the new editior less commands are needed with the mouse enabling a more efficient way of packaging.

F7 Installation / F8 Uninstallation
The F7 enables Packagers to test packages on pcs without having to create a policy. Because there is no policy it was not possible to remove the program. Now the F7 installation has been updated to include F8 which will remove the program. The F7 and F8 trigger now a AutoInstaller session which means that scripts that use variables can also be tested with F7 & F8.

Offline Client Support
The new version supports installing the DSM agent and software packages while a client has no network. The compliance of software packages can be transported to the DSM console via USB stick.

OS Installation
Several new features cover the OS Installation including :

OSD Self Service
The new OSD Self Service gives users the power to start the re-installation or migration of their pc.

Boot Environment via ISO (CD)
It is now possible to create an ISO image of the boot environment which will allow the boot environment to be delivered via CD-rom.

Partitioning of hard disks
New options for the partitioning have been added – for example the alignment and cluster size of disks. It is also now possible to use a percentage by the sizing of the partitions.

Drivesnapshot with support for WinPe x64
A newer version of Drivesnapshot has been added to enable the usage of x64 WinPe.

The software monitoring has received a new name and also covers infrastructure monitoring enabling administrators to see the state of the distribution of packages.

The list of new features just goes on, and you are recommended to download the DSM 7.1 release notes from Frontrange Support. Customers are also able to grab a copy of the new DSM at Frontrange Support :

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Calum Field works in the Education department @ Frontrange Solutions and offers trainings and workshops in the usage of (enteo, DSM), HEAT Client Management & HEAT Mobile Device Management.
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